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October 23, 2019
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The consulting manager is responsible for working closely with various departments in a company, including managers, with their consulting duties. Depending on the level, consulting managers may only work with a single consulting department or throughout the company. They may either be directly employed by an organization or work as an independent contractor. In most cases, consulting managers have an extensive background in management.

The successful consulting manager is able to solve problems quickly and communicate with a large number of people to ensure an organization's consulting tasks run smoothly. Strong analytical skills are necessary to spot areas of improvement and implement any necessary changes to the organization's consulting activities. In most cases, this position requires proficiency with computers and basic office software. These professionals must be able to adapt to many situations and keep a variable schedule, as the tasks of a consulting manager may require extensive travel and inconsistent hours as situations require.

At minimum, management consultants should possess a bachelor's degree in business management with emphasis on economics or finance. Better job prospects and higher salaries may be offered for applicants possessing a master's (or even a doctorate) in business administration. The Institute for Management Consultants also offers certification exams, which may be beneficial For most employers, a background in management with significant experience is preferred (and in some cases required) for independent contractors.

Consulting Manager Tasks

  • Encourage an atmosphere of collaboration across departments and with clients.
  • Provide technical or subject area leadership and coordinate multiple studies or projects.
  • Support business developers through issue identification, and recommend and implement solutions for complex problems.
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