Marketing Consulting Business plan

October 7, 2022
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MarketCamp is a Mexico City based start-up business that provides local businesses with world-class qualified traffic generation and lead closures for Internet businesses. MarketCamp will offer a wide range of services including: detailed research, internet targeting, mini-site development, search engine submissions, and statistical reporting.

The Market

Mexico City's business community will be the primary market for our company. The business size that we service can be relatively small because the cost per month is only $1, 000, but services can be scaled up to meet the needs of huge clients due to the focus and expertise of the business. Internet connectivity in Mexico, in comparison with the U.S., is currently low, but interest is growing. Though far behind the major industrial countries, Mexico maintains one of the fastest growth rates on the Internet with thousands of users and thousands of WWW sites. Mexican WWW sites have been growing at the rate of 200-300 per month this year. CompuServe Mexico, the largest commercial Internet service provider in Mexico has 30, 000 subscribers, while Spin Internet has 28, 000 Mexican members.

Competitive Edge

MarketCamp has the competitive edge of experience and market expertise in a complicated field. This is truly an advantage as the founder and principal Paul Berry has spent the last five years in the United States honing his e-business skills. Paul received his MBA from the University of Oregon in 1992 and worked at a local software company for a few years. Wanting to see the East Coast, Paul moved to Boston and worked at Forrester Research, the premier Internet marketing research company. It was Paul's work at Forrester Research that provided him with the experience and insight that he will leverage for MarketCamp.

MarketCamp has conservatively forecasted sales for year onewith sales more than doubling in year three. Profitability will be reached by year one. MarketCamp's profit margin will steadily increase from year one to year three.

1.1 Objectives

The following are the objectives for the company:

  • To be self sufficient within three months.
  • Healthy sales in Year 1, steadily growing in Year 2 and Year 3.

1.2 Mission

MarketCamp will provide full-service Internet marketing campaigns, focusing directly on keyword combination search results, targeted advertising and mini-sites that deliver an offer in a clean, statistically monitored environment.

1.3 Keys to Success

  1. Keeping existing clients to develop repeat business.
  2. Clients must make money, and know it.
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