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November 30, 2015
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Market Analysis
Home Office Businesses 10% 4, 259 4, 685 5, 154 5, 669 6, 236 10.00%
Small Businesses 9% 3, 931 4, 285 4, 671 5, 091 5, 549 9.00%
Medium Businesses 159 173 189 206 225 9.07%
Large Businesses 192 209 228 249 271
Total 9.50% 8, 541 9, 352 10, 242 11, 215 12, 281

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4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy

Entrepreneur Magazine suggests six market segments as a starting point:

  • Businesses not using computers
  • Small entrepreneurial businesses using one or more computers
  • Small to medium sized corps using computers on networks
  • Large corps seeking problem-solving assistance (trouble-shooting) with specific projects
  • Government agencies, corporations, and other organizations in search of computer training
  • Businesses in search of custom computer programming services

Calico Computer Consulting will focus on the top market segments only - an intently focused marketing strategy.

4.2.1 Market Trends

Three primary market trends seem to be most important in this industry:

  • Trend #1 - most important -rapid growth in technology, need for continuous upgrades in both hardware and software.
  • Trend #2 - moderately important -predicted continued growth in consulting/outsourcing - companies being unwilling to pay fixed costs of salaries, choosing instead to treat computer upgrades and repair as variable costs.
  • Trend #3 - least important - rapid growth in ratio of SOHO businesses to traditional medium sized businesses.

These trends are predicted by industry experts to continue well into the next century.

4.2.2 Market Growth

As noted in the previous section, several factors are predicted to continue well into the next decades, not the least of which are the growth rates for this market:

  • Growth rate citation - Entrepreneur Magazine says that the consulting industry in general will continue to grow at an annual rate of 9.1%
  • Growth rate citation - Census data for each identified segment in the Lane County area roughly parallel this growth rate.
  • Growth rate citation - Eugene Chamber of Commerce published data supports the Federal Census data, predicting continued and rapid growth particularly in the small office/home office market segment.

4.2.3 Market Needs

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, experts in the consulting industry have identified three different opportunities that exist for computer consultants:

1. Temporary Technical Aid

  • Short term assignments finding solutions for businesses - this is noted as the largest market

2. Specific Skill - the largest area is software specialty, the second largest area

  • System setup & purchasing guidance
  • Systems reengineering/optimization
  • Network Admin
  • Training
  • Repair
  • Database/Application development
  • Data Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security/Data Protection
  • Telecommunications
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