Important tips for a beginner entrepreneur

April 9, 2020
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Your business seems like a tempting prospect when you are in the subway on the way to the office. Self-employment allows you to calmly wake up when you want, to get a sick leave any time and pick up children from school on time.

But when you quit, it will not become calmer:

  • -to be in time, you have to wake up early
  • -leaving for sick leave means losing income
  • -taking children out of school in the middle of the day will still be uncomfortable

And all these situations are against the background of unstable earnings. In order not to regret your choice, prepare everything before leaving the office. The most comfortable variant is to start selling a product or service in your free time. And quit only when you accumulate the primary pool of customers and get the first serious money.

If combining employment and business does not work, consider your time and salary in the business plan. It’s easier to understand whether it’s advisable to go about your business, or whether it’s better to remain an employee.

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Make your own business plan. Arguments against the business plan are divided into two types:

  • -Why waste time if everything in this country is so unpredictable
  • -But Steve Jobs succeeded without business plans

It is impossible to predict everything, and many well-known businessmen simply did their favorite thing without a clear plan. But still, the basic business scenarios and market size are worth calculating. This will help you to structure thoughts and get rid of doubts - or vice versa, to doubt the viability of an idea. Other things being equal, good planning will not stop you from becoming a new Steve Jobs.

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