Business Consultant, Los Angeles

September 20, 2022
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Business Consulting & Coaching.
Transforming entrepreneurially established businesses into professionally managed corporations. We offer a free initial on site consultation to qualified existing business owners in the greater Los Angeles to explore the potentials of working together and exploring improvement and growth possibilities.

Our mission is to to provide Business Owners and Executives, in most industries, with leadership and management skills needed for continued growth, and the necessary infrastructure needed to sustain their expansion.


Established in 1996.

The founder Shawn Halimi started a new business in Los Angels in 1980 which grew into a $100 million dollars in annual sales with 300 employees. In 1996 he founded Shawn Halimi Consulting. Since that time he has helped many small to medium sized businesses in multiple industries grow, become more stable and increase their bottom line profits.

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Real Estate Services Tips For Los Angeles Business owners
Real Estate Services Tips For Los Angeles Business owners ...
How to Sell your Business in Los Angeles call (323) 366 9358
How to Sell your Business in Los Angeles call (323) 366 9358
Business Consulting Los Angeles
Business Consulting Los Angeles
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