Long Beach Small Business Development Center

September 20, 2022
The Long Beach Small Business

Whether you are an established business or thinking about starting a business, the Long Beach City College SBDC provides many services to assist you. No cost one-on-one consulting is provided by expert business advisors.


Existing Business
(Growth Planning)

  • Rebranding and Market Identification
  • Advanced Web Development (Shopping Cart, SEO, Email Segmentation, etc.)
  • Tax and Accounting Preparation
  • Government Procurement and Certification
  • Financial Packaging Assistance
  • Hiring
  • New Employees (available subsidies)
  • Permitting, Product Pricing, Succession Planning
  • Franchise Development
  • International Trade (Importing/Exporting)
  • Specialized assistance by industry (e.g. lean manufacturing, emerging technology, retail, beauty, food and hospitality.)

New To Business
(Operations Management)

  • Financial Packaging
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Cash Flow Management and Financial Statement Preparation
  • Brand Creation and Development
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Target Market and Customer Identification
  • Marketing Channel Identification, Implementation, and Measurement

(Startup Preparation)

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Projection
  • Exploratory Funding
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Human Resource Management
  • Bookkeeping
  • State and Federal Tax Setup and Preparation
  • Web Development
  • Merchant Account Services (if applicable)
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A Conversation with Thomas Fields, Port of Long Beach
A Conversation with Thomas Fields, Port of Long Beach
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Small Business Development Center - Fort Walton Beach, UWF
Small Business Development Center - Fort Walton Beach, UWF
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