Business Development Manager duties and Responsibilities

October 12, 2022
Client Relationships Director

Assist in preparing business plans and budgets for new projects.
Manage and revise annual business plans and budgets as needed.
Identify, recruit and lead a team to successfully execute business plan within defined scope, timeline and budget.
Develop training plans and performance improvement plans to address skill set gaps identified in business and sales personnel.
Ensure that sales and business personnel are appreciated and recognized for their hard work and success.
Coordinate meetings, calls and communications between management and clients throughout the business implementation and execution stages.
Analyze market trends and customer needs to identify new business development opportunities.
Keep regular contacts with past, existing and new clients to explore new opportunities. Build and establish strong relationship with customers.
Coordinate with marketing corporate team to develop sales strategies to improve company’s marketing and sales performance.
Develop dynamic business presentations and proposals for clients and internal communications.
Inform potential clients about company’s new products and price development details on regular basis.
Participate in industry and sales meetings to provide recommendations and inputs on business strategies.
Evaluate the effectiveness of business plan, sales strategy and public relations strategy in order to analyze and provide necessary recommendations.

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