Business Development Manager Salary

June 19, 2014
Senior America Business

A senior business development manager is primarily responsible for creating and maintaining strong relationships and making business decisions. A senior business development manager is very similar to a business manager, and this position exists in a variety of industries.

However, in all industries, many duties of senior business development managers are the same. They must plan ways to grow the business, identify areas of client needs, manage and participate in business negotiations, and approve and review other business decisions. Additionally, they may be expected to manage deadlines and delegate tasks to subordinates. They also may also be asked to analyze and monitor business growth and decline, as well as provide possible solutions and new ways to increase productivity and sales. Development managers should also be able to formulate short-term and long-term goals, as well as formulate plans to achieve both.

Senior business development managers frequently need a bachelor’s degree and, in most cases, a master's of business administration (MBA) is also expected. They should also have at least five years of experience in marketing, with an emphasis in business development, if possible. Additionally, managerial experience is helpful. Also, they should be able to work well with employees and build lasting relationships with clients, so good communication and interpersonal skills are necessary.

Senor business development managers may work overtime depending on projects' or their business' needs; travel is also very typical in this position, especially when negotiating with a client or supplier.

Senior Business Development Manager Tasks

  • Negotiate new partnerships and business alliances; work closely with legal experts to write contracts for new business partners.
  • Create business development strategies; identify roadblocks and drive new business from conception through closure.
  • Establish and nurture relationships that fill business pipeline with prospective partners and customers.
  • Research, locate, define and target key business prospects.
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