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June 19, 2017
Mr. Chintan Bharwada, Business

VocabularySpellingCity is a game-based website and app used to build literacy skills with vocabulary and spelling for K-12th grade. The site and app is widely used, with approximately 6% of US elementary school students using the service. VocabularySpellingCity is a freemium model, with paid membership growing steadily. Visit

We are seeking a tech savyy as a primary sales and marketing professional. Will have a deep understanding of the global education market and our products. Will understand how to apply our solutions to addressing key customer challenges. Will identify and communicate with schools, school systems, and groups that are equipped to be large volume users of our mobile and online products. Will outreach to educational leaders and teachers to identify opportunities within their interest groups, associations, government education offices, forums and venues. Should possess a combination of sales and marketing skills to drive sales. Possess the proven ability to consistently meet revenue objectives.

This full-time position involves some travel. The preferred base is Ft. Lauderdale, FL (HQ) but it can be located anywhere.

Key Job Responsibilities:

Marketing to:

  • non-US schools where English is the primary language, such as English language international schools
  • non-US schools and groups where students are learning English as a second language
  • non-US government education offices

Outreach using social media to build relationships with influencers in education. Provide presentations at different customer levels, analyzing and recommending solutions relevant to the audience. Participation as needed in the training, implementation and custom technology execution.

  • Drive new growth in the K-12 market.
  • Drive new growth in the post-secondary market to English language learners.
  • Manage client relationships to identify up-sell opportunities.
  • Work with sales, marketing, and product management teams to align efforts.
  • Provide support and...
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