Business Intelligence Consultant Salary

December 15, 2015
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A business intelligence consultant assists businesses with the collection, organization, and use of computerized data. They evaluate existing systems and install new software when needed to better assess the company's acquired data. By understanding both business management principles and available technology a business intelligence consultant can improve a business's efficiency, minimize operating costs, and increase profits.

In addition to evaluating and improving programs for a particular business, a business management consultant often provides employee training in new systems. These educational efforts help provide employees the skills needed to locate and analyze key data, in addition to developing relevant graphs and other documents.

Business intelligence consultants may be independent contractors or work for a consulting group. They may provide continued services to a client over a period of months or years to make certain that the systems are well suited for the business and are being used optimally.

There are no prerequisites for this position, although a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or business administration is generally preferred by potential employers. A business intelligence consultant should be aware of new software tools and trends, as new program platforms can significantly change the industry. Continued education and involvement with the business intelligence community through seminars and webcasts also help keep a business intelligence consultant aware of market changes and new techniques.

Business Intelligence Consultant Tasks

  • Modify programs to enhance likelihood of meeting business goals.
  • Balance customer requests and requirements with technical constraints.
  • Develop and update high-level roadmap of business initiatives and goals.
  • Coordinate with partners to ensure overall business solution is positioned and implemented on a global scale.
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