Freelance Business Development Manager

June 2, 2015
Business Development position


Project Management and Development / Marketing for E-Commerce online web store

Handled this project from scratch and upto present, I assist in operations, execution of tasks and with vendor relations. The owner, who acts as the executive director is the one who provide concept / idea and I work on how to execute to have the end product. This is an E-commerce online web store catering to the whole of US market with affiliate vendor farmer who will be the source of products we showcase online. I helped the owner create the name of the company, logo of the company, design/colors/content of the website, hire and coordinate people especially with the tech team achieve what we need and want, hire and give directions to people for our SEO, legal documents, tele-marketing. I coordinate with people hired for each given task, to make sure we achieve our target and goal for our deliveries. Make sure they understand the importance of what they do for the company and the impact for what they fail to do. I act in the day-to-day operation of this virtual company most importantly stay of top of marketing concerns and attends to our affiliates.

PR and Marketing, Company Branding for school

Our family owns a pre school in within MetroManila, Philippines. I act not just as the member of the board, but I manages the marketing and all tasks that involves PR: * from creating of the logo design content and branding * uniform design * banners and posters designs and content * newsletters, notifications and announcements * event concept and execution * business letters and relations to businesses for sponsorship and affiliation

SMM, Magazine and News Channel Content Marketing and Advertising

In charge of the following tasks: - handle SMM for magazine and website of the Ultimate You - in charge in planning and managing contents for the Ultimate You magazine site and digital magazine platform - in charge in researching and dealing with article contributors, advertisers for the magazine

Social Media Marketing Manager

Grow and build audience through social media sites Add daily contents and respond to comments and direct inquiries if necessary

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