Manager Business Development Job Description

August 26, 2022
Building on a trusted name

The Deputy Manager Business Development position will support ChildFund International’s overall strategy to diversify and grow its grant-funded portfolio. This position will strengthen ChildFund’s networks with strategic donors, peer organizations and experts in relevant technical fields by representing ChildFund in strategic networks and developing partnerships with peer organizations. The Deputy Manager will build the capacity of National Offices to prepare capture plans, and support the development of proposals from capture through negotiation which includes overseeing the development of technical and cost applications. The Deputy Manager will support National Offices in the implementation of global policies, procedures, processes and tools to support the implementation of ChildFund’s grant acquisition strategy. The Deputy Manager will assist the Sr. Manager, Business Development in the development of capacity building plans, creation of regular reports and will lead the business development team in the absence of the Sr. Manager, Business Development.


  • Offers direct support to one Regional Offices, analyze organizational pipeline and provides strategic advice to improve portfolio health. Conducts compliance oversight of proposals and ensures that all submissions meet donor requirements.
  • Leads a capture team to develop the proposal strategy which includes competitor analysis, developing win themes, technical writing and reviews, identifying and negotiating with proposal partners, and determining the cost/pricing strategy. Develop cost and pricing strategies and budget models to respond to specific RFA/RFP/IQC opportunities.
  • Works closely with ChildFund Alliance Members, technical advisors, regional and national offices in support of grant acquisition activities.
  • Provides strategic guidance during the capture process throughout outreach to donors, as well as other international development organizations in collaboration with Business Development Director and Sr. Manager, life-stage teams, national and regional office staff.
  • Is an active contributor to ChildFund’s Global Grants Team, working group responsible for the development and implementation of grant acquisition capacity building strategies, tools, reports, and policies.
  • Leads capacity building activities with regional and national office staff, including training, e-learning tools and learning strategies.
  • Supports strategies to position ChildFund as a partner of choice through representation, and to foster ChildFund’s thought leadership. Represent ChildFund at conferences, as well as meetings with prospective partners and funders.
  • Supervise staff as required.
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