Aurora Small Business Development Center

October 26, 2022
Make a Business Plan
  • Seminars are offered at no or low cost, all high value!
  • If looking for financing, we strongly recommend the Writing a Business Plan and Financing Your Business seminars.
  • The Aurora SBDC marketing specialist conducts a variety of marketing classes each quarter.
  • We offer a beginners course on QuickBooks. QuickBooks for Beginners I is pre-requisite to QuickBooks for Beginners II.
  • Some classes are taught by attorneys or CPAs. Where else can you spend three hours with an attorney for just $30?! Sign up today!
  • Tax classes are held by the — and through the Colorado Dept. of Revenue — tax information resources.

Colorado LEADING EDGE™ Strategic Planning Series
Learn more about the 12-week intensive and hands-on course designed to help entrepreneurs complete a fully-realized business plan. Download a printable informational PDF…


Register now! REGISTER Just scroll down to see the Aurora SBDC seminars and register. It’s that simple! You’ll be re-directed to the Colorado SBDC site that has all the offerings for all the centers.

Want to attend one (or more) of our seminars?

Register now! REGISTER
Just scroll down to see the Aurora SBDC seminars and register. It’s that simple!
You’ll be re-directed to the Colorado SBDC site that has all the offerings for all the centers.

Confirm location upon registration. Seminar conference rooms at the Aurora Municipal Center:
* 1st floor: — Aurora Room and Fletcher Room

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