Small Business Development Center Sacramento

August 5, 2015
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Sacramento Works Business Information Centers (BIC) exist to help and/or strengthen entrepreneurial small business endeavors throughout the Sacramento County by providing access to information, tools and guidance needed to ensure success. Sacramento Works’ BIC services are provided free of charge or at low cost.

Small Business Information

Through the BICs, employers are granted access to an extensive library of information designed to help manage challenges facing small business.

Workshops and Seminars
In addition to the many services offered to employers through the Business Information Centers, there are also a large selection of workshops and seminars available on various business and management topics.

Recruitment and Hiring
An essential component to the success of any small business is the staff it hires. BIC’s offer a wide selection of services designed to assist employers with the recruitment, screening, interviewing and hiring of qualified workers..

Counseling for Private Businesses
There’s nothing more valuable in the development of a business than experience. Our small business experts and retired entrepreneurs are available to share their wealth of experience with new start-up employers or those needing strengthening for sustainability. If you’re looking for advice or assistance navigating the treacherous roads of growing a business, our experts can provide the customized counseling to fit your needs.

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4990 Stockton Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 875-3280

BIC Partners

Sacramento Works’ Business Information Centers work closely with our partners to provide small business owners and entrepreneurs the tools and information need to start and grow a successful business.

Our partners include:

Local Chambers of Commerce and Business Organizations:

BIC Resources

Workshops and Seminars

Advertising Information

Business Directories

Business Organizations

Business News

Employee Information

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Good Work NOW! #28: "The Small Business Development Center"
Good Work NOW! #28: "The Small Business Development Center"
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