What is Business Development Management?

January 11, 2020

Practical information

Program duration
One academic year (on campus) + Final Management Project (12 months)

Entry requirements
Bachelor or Licence level degree

Degree level

Full program fees
€ 21, 300

Important dates

International Residency Trips in BRICS countries with a pedagogical objective

The objective of this program is to build the abilities and skills to develop and lead business in an international and multicultural environment.

Participants will develop the knowledge and competencies to identify and understand critical business drivers and current issues, develop appropriate strategies to create competitive advantage and sources of value.

The challenges of the program are to understand the approach to different international markets, the negotiation process in a multicultural context, the globalization of business and to help to improve the competitiveness of companies.

This program is delivered in Grenoble.

A word from the Program Director

"Companies are looking for Business Developers with concrete abilities, such as strong marketing and sales skills. Skills that are a must to be able to set up a subsidiary abroad, handle a joint venture, sign complex deals or worldwide agreements.

In today’s global market, candidates with the ability to launch new international activities and who have deep understanding of the stakes of a specific market are highly sought after. The MSc Business Development aims to provide them with the tools needed to start at this level."

Marie-France Derderian, MSc Business Development Program Director

Student Marcela Ortiz talks about why she chose Grenoble for her master's program and her post-graduation plans.

Introduction Week*

  • Introduction to the Program and to the Role of Business Development
  • Study Skills and Techniques
  • Intercultural Communication and Negotiation
  • Presentation Skills
  • Leadership and Teambuilding Coaching Workshops
  • Teambuilding and Effective Group Work

Business Fundamentals*

  • Leadership, Teambuilding and Managerial Creativity
  • Economics
  • Corporate Finance and Business Planning
  • International Marketing Management
  • Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • International Financial Accounting
  • Legal Environment of International Business
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